Experience the 3-1 super facial professionals are calling better than microderm . Incorporating patented OXYGeneo technology for unparalleled skin nourishment & oxygenation , see younger looking skin after your first treatment.



Three benefits of skin cleansing with OxyGeneo:

1-Rejuvenation: in these method active substances such is hyaluronic acid, anti-oxidants and vitamins enter the skin and remove winkles.

2-Peeling: This method removes the upper dermal layers and dead cells by using mechanical peeling method.

3-Skin Oxygenation treatment: This method produces CO2 bubbles on the surface of skin in a gradual manner which stimulates blood flow saturated with Oxygen in the intended area and as a result, causes more absorption of the gel into the skin.

This Machine contains two gels:

1- One for skin rejuvenation and removing wrinkles and lines on the face and skin nurturing.
2- The other for brightening brow spots and improving dermal tissues that have been affected by sun.

Finally messaging with OxyGeneo:

This machine uses RF (Radio Frequency) to lift and harden the skin and remove eye bags and double chin. Ultimately, you will enjoy the highly advanced OxyGeneo machine for the purpose of peeling, rejuvenation and oxygenation which uses up to the minute technology.

Feel the revitalization and your skin youth in the first session.



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