What do Laser Hair Removal Treatments feel like?

Unless you are into it, body hair is not something that is considered attractive nowadays, not at all. In fact, nowadays a lot of people shave almost everything they have, some going to the extent of shaving their arms. Nevertheless, there are a lot of body parts that are consistently shaven by a big portion of the population, areas such as the chest, legs, back, lower back, the face, and so on. People shave for aesthetic motives, to look good, to feel attractive and to feel better about themselves. However, there are alternatives to the consistent shaving, and the best alternative of all, is laser hair removal.

What is the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal conveys a lot of benefits, which include, mainly, the ability to stop worrying about shaving, and to just go to the clinic and go through a few hair removal sessions, and that is it. Although complete hair removal is impossible (our body grows hair naturally, and it will continue doing so regardless of what we do to it), laser hair removal can guarantee that up to 70 percent to 90% of the hair in a determined area is removed and the results depend on some factors like agehormoneses, type of skin and the hair itself, the remaining hair will become thinner and lose a little bit of color. After the treatment itself, follow up sessions are required, because even after the follicle is burned, the body will naturally heal itself, and the hair will start to grow again.

How does Laser compare with other hair removal methods?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that doesn’t really carry any risks, and since it is a laser, precision is pretty much guaranteed, and with a single pulse targeting a small area, while leaving the skin undamaged, the procedure is pretty quick, with the larger areas such as the back taking only up to one hour to be done. So, if someone makes the decision to go ahead and remove his/her body hair with a laser hair removal procedure, it is guaranteed that it will not take too much time, and that the hair of the targeted area won’t be a bother anymore.

The procedure might be simple, but it is not something to joke about, it is something to be taken seriously. So, before anyone decides to do laser hair removal, the patient should check out the doctor performing it, his past experiences, his credentials and so on. Although it is a relatively safe procedure, while messing with the body, there are always potential risks involved, and every step towards security is a wise step. Nevertheless, while preparing for laser hair removal, avoid waxing, plucking and so on for at least four weeks, since the procedure targets hairs’ roots, which are temporarily removed by waxing and plucking. Sun exposure should also be avoided for a period of four weeks, both before and after the procedure, since sun exposure will make the treatment less effective and make complications after the treatment more likely, summing up to a big waste of money.

How many treatments will I need?

Laser hair removal requires more than one session, because hair grows on more than one phase (anagen, telogen, catagen) and the laser can only target the follicle that is currently growing, meaning it can only target the current phase their hair is growing on. Usually, most patients will require about seven sessions in order to complete the procedure, but the real number of required sessions will depend on a number of factors, including the area of the body being treated, skin color, and the hair itself. Usually, between each session, a waiting period of four weeks is required in order to assure maximum safety and effectiveness. The treated hair should be allowed to fall of naturally, and should never be manipulated by the patient at any time, since this can induce infections and counter the effect of the treatment.

What To Expect After the Treatment?

The procedure itself can be a little painful, and in some of the best clinics, you will have the opportunity to take pain killing pills before the treatment, in order to reduce the pain that could possibly come out of the procedure. The cream should be applied about thirty minutes before the procedure, and after the procedure, the affected area should be properly taken care of, according to given specifications. There is a possibility of unwanted side effects such as hyper pigmentation call for a laser setting adjustment, since different skin types and areas required different laser settings.

Before the procedure, patients are requested to clean the area where they want their hair removed. After the procedure, in the first few days, the skin of the targeted area will look like it was sunburned, but this can easily be treated, as if any pain is felt, it is also a very easy problem to solve with simple pain killing pills. In the first few months, the hair of the treated area will start to fall off, and sunscreen should be worn over that area to avoid changes in the skin color. The main risks of the procedure are scars, redness and swelling, but none of these are permanent, and permanent scaring or skin color change is something that very rarely happens due to laser hair removal, so it is no real reason to be concerned.

All in all, laser hair removal is a great procedure to get rid of body hair for good, but it is, however, a procedure that should be carefully considered and investigated before being done. After the decision to make the procedure is done, it is important to know what to expect, and what to do and what not to do after the procedure.